Student Leader Awards

 2021 Student Leader Awards: Rising From The Ashes
Couldn't make it to this year's Ceremony? Maybe just feel like watching again? We got you covered, you can now view the 2021 Student Leader Awards in its entirety!
SLA 2021 Winners
Rising Raptors
Awarded to emerging leaders who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to their club/organization in a short period of time and made a positive impact to the campus community
Sumana Gadiraju
Malaika Mahmood
Adam Soliman
Pariti Sutaria
Jose Zarazua
Annika Liu
Kaila Crozier
Kinjal Mody
Simranjit Kaur
Zubaidah Khan
Lasting Legacy
Awarded to graduating seniors who have truly embodied what it means to be a phenomenal leader who serves the entire campus community
Sikander Shah
Sujay Ratna
Austin Ginsberg
Julia Defeo
Uzunma Grace Emezua
Beyonce Carty
Thomas Paolini
Xavier Hunter
Leaders of Distinction
Awarded to those who have significantly contributed to their club/organization and made a positive impact on their fellow students and campus community
Syd Johnson
Abhi Kaneria
Daoud Moon
Kate Isidro
Tania Martinez
Jadon Herod-Law
Taylor Godfrey
Harsimar Sawhney
Hianny Amelia Yamamoto
Heart & Soul Award
In recognition of the effort, commitment, and passion members of the organization have continuously shown in all that they do pertaining to the club
Sikh Students Association
South Asian Appreciation for Tradition and Heritage
Environmental Action Club
Mission Possible Award
In recognition of the effort the organization has put forth in staying tru to the organization's mission and purpose in a fun and creative way
Chemistry Club
Muslim Students Association
Photography Club
Above & Beyond Award
In recognition of an organization's effort to continuously lead by example, demonstrate best practices, and exceed expectations
RUC College Democrats
Political Science Society
MFA Student Organization
Spirit of Resilience Award
In recognition of an organization's ability to overcome chalenging situations, respond positively, and allow adversity to strengthen the organization
American Medical Students Association
Pre-Dental Society
Salvation House Of Prayer
Bridge Builders
In recognition of a collaborative event where two or more oranizations came together in an unexpected, yet successful, manner to challenge our preconceived notions of what collaboration looks like
Stigma vs Science
American Medical Students Association | Rutgers Women of Business Alliance
Program of the Year Award
In recognition of a program proven to be impactful and beneficial to a larger community. The planning behind this event was intentional, organized, and provoked thoughtfulness in the minds of attendees. Members who facilitated this program incorporated values of their organization to exemplify the power programming can have in promoting education and awareness
Pulse of the People: 2020 Election Night Discussion
Political Science Society  |  Black Students Union  |  Criminal Justice Organization  |  Rutgers Camden College Democrats  |  Environmental Action Club
Islamic Awareness Week Events
Muslim Students Association
New Organization of the Year Award
In recognition of an organization in its first full academic year that excelled in meeting its mission statement, growing its general body membership, and providing well planned programming to the Rutgers-Camden community.
Vietnamese Student Association
Organization of the Year Award
In recognition of an organization that is committed to their mission statement; excellent in programming and educating the campus and community about to connect their academics to their student organization experiences. This organization truly embodies what it means to be a successful student org
Biology Club
Student Leader of the Year Award
In recognition of a Student Leader for their outstanding contribution to more than one student organization; strong academics; significant campus and community participation; and strong personal character. The recipient is widely known and highly regarded among the student body for their lasting contributions
Nitan Shanas
Doris Zheng
Millett Cup
In recognition of the tireless energy, compassion, advocacy, and commitment the individual has shown to their campus and community
Ubaidah Khan
Advisor of the Year Award
In recognition of a faculty or staff advisors who excels in supporting student leaders and their organizational involvement. In addition, this person is recognized for their hard work and dedication toward enhancing the organization they are advising
Natalie Cox
Dan Rosenthal